Here’s a video of my response to the new Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change’s report (AR6):

Here’s my script for the video above

First of all hello, and let me say i’ve been knocked off course by some personal life stuff, so my apologies for being out of the loop last two weeks. I plan to have some substantial material to share next week.

Secondly— climate change is not our only problem.

And when you look at the root of all of today’s environmental crises and parallel and interlaced social crises — the cause is clear: it’s the system of wealth hierarchy humans have used in…

From “green and brown and lumpy” to vibrantly alive, moist, and carbon-rich within 10 years. Yes, please.
  • biodiversity rescue & restoration
  • local moisture retention
  • local moisture cycling restoration
  • rapid carbon absorption & retention
  • micro-climate establishment & maintenance
  • local weather temperatizing
  • extreme weather resilience
  • radically improved air and water quality
  • more beauty — — for Goodness sake
  • restoration of “the balance” required to continue this amazing life

Native deciduous vegetation is key.
Leaving nature alone is key.

This simple, eight-and-half-minute video shares a great vision:

Imagine the ideas above integrated wherever you live — the city, the burbs, the countryside…What can you envision? Grass roofs, living walls, wildlife corridors, wildlife bridges, re-forested lands?

Highway medians bursting with…

This organism took at least 4 billion years of biological intelligence and iteration to create. (Photo: me)

Recorded on a morning walk across a 3,000 acre pecan farm in West Texas, about 100 miles from where Jeff Bezos launched into space this week. Here is a podcast with my thoughts on how wealth monarchies have distracted us from Life-support system reality, throughout history— that Earth is where is the solutions are, and how that institution has created a societal culture that believes we can’t stop this paradigm of Economic values over Life-support system values (Economy > Life).

Listen to 13-min. podcast: Thoughts on Bezos and the Biosphere.


“Biodiversity is the biosphere. Biosphere is everything to us.”

July 4th thoughts on America’s drought solution:
rich soils, intact vegetation, wild ecosystems.


It’s July 4th weekend, the holiday commemorating perhaps the bravest event in American history…so far.

So let’s get real, let’s reboot our mental model of what’s happening today and how to live. America’s extreme drought is worsening, temperatures are rising, summer’s just getting started.

It was 114 in Northern Washington Wednesday, 121 in Canada. Already this year:

  • About 1/4 of North America is in extreme drought.
  • More than 1/2 of Asia and Africa: extreme drought.
  • Significant portions of the Amazon, South America, the Congo, Australia, Europe: extreme…

We’re seeing the integrated-ness and re-prioritization of the global climate solution in the member posts on my Fb group, The Systemic Climate Solution: new ways of thinking, new ways of living, new priorities for action. Five posts this week really spoke to me.

Ryan Park’s two posts:
#1. An urgent and easy to sign petition
to protect indigenous forest guardians in Brazil
+1,800 signatures so far, from Survival International
i signed:

#2. Ryan’s post on the Sentinelese people —
“the world’s most isolated, un-contacted tribe.”
To anyone reading: Note how clean the environment looks in the coastline Ryan’s post —…

for the global environmental solution… since Monday!

They are catchin' on. This blog is a quick report of two giant steps forward in international policy. Here’s the big news:

#1, BIOSPHERE EARTH is now a climate priority.
The U.N.'s two globally integrated scientific bodies, the IPCC (climate) and the IPBES (biodiversity/life-support), finally came together on the necessity of prioritizing biospheric climate solutions:

  • "The IPBES and IPCC say humanity’s well-being is deeply interconnected with the environment, which is why climate change and nature’s decline should be addressed simultaneously... We must change our economic system. Protecting and restoring nature isn’t a nice to do, it is a must do.”…

I am happy with this presentation, thank you Nerd Nite Austin.

Click here to view.

I talk about how — according to the science, our way of life will destroy our life support system within less than 20 years — however, the good news is: addressing the physicality of today’s insane life support system collapse crisis is our biggest climate solution. Win, Win, you might say.

Restore wilderness integrity.

The urgency and opportunities are incaluable.

I cover:

  • Earth’s bio-physical infrastructure (wilderness)
  • How our life support is put together and how it works today
  • How much $ our life support system…

I want to show you a beautiful idea. It’s a Navajo American concept I found in a YouTube testimonial when compiling a few videos for several years ago.

This statement really struck and stuck with me —

“The universe is the circle of circles.”

When i heard that, I thought — “beautiful… intriguing… What?!”

It took a few years to grasp it, but now I think I understand the concept from a biospheric perspective. Here it is:

Living, being — whatever you want to call existence as we know it, is occurring independently and interdependently all of the time…

Chris Searles

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