Read this week’s BioIntegrity brief: “The Simple Math.”

(This clarifies things!) The diagram above shows the breakdown of greenhouse emissions reductions from 1) assuming that achieving the Glasgow Forests and Lands is not counted as an additional emissions reduction and 2) instead making a smart changes to Crops and Meat, which would include ending deforestation and restoring lands globally, that priority alone: achieving globally Regenerative Agriculture by 2030 , would provide 106% of the annual emissions reductions needed, per year, to keep us out of the worst case climate scenario.

“The biosphere” is the composition of Earth’s life and living ecosystems. “The biosphere” is our life-support system. Recent research reveals protecting and regrowing Earth’s life and living ecosystems has more than enough capacity to stop and reverse climate change this decade.

Read a blog showing the math here.

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I’ve made two miscalculations in the original postings of this piece. They are now being corrected here and in the links. Please contact me anytime with questions. Thanks.