I want to show you a beautiful idea. It’s a Navajo American concept I found in a YouTube testimonial when compiling a few videos for AllCreation.org several years ago.

This statement really struck and stuck with me —

“The universe is the circle of circles.”

When i heard that, I thought — “beautiful… intriguing… What?!”

It took a few years to grasp it, but now I think I understand the concept from a biospheric perspective. Here it is:

Living, being — whatever you want to call existence as we know it, is occurring independently and interdependently all of the time…

Some data, some reflections. This post taken from my Facebook group, The Systemic Climate Solution.

My thoughts:

1) Science was right. Don’t call them pessimists. What has happened is the kind of thing the climate science community was trying to warn people about way back in 2002, or at least that’s when i first became aware. ONE of the potential downsides to increasing greenhouse emissions every year is extreme weather which causes systemic stress Civilization is not built to handle, such as: shutting down an entire community’s electricity grid (or in this case, nearly an entire state’s) due to extreme weather. Equipment…

2 Trees, 1 Canopy?

For the last few years i’ve been fascinated by the appearance of single tree canopies created by multiple tree trunks working together. These pictures are from my phone. There’s so much symbolism in these partnerships.

From a climate solutions standpoint: Forests are priority one. They do the most for moisture, temperature, weather, biodiversity, carbon, water supply, storm defense, climate resilience, soil formation, quality of life, and overall global productivity of any resource.

Normally i post on that kind of stuff, but in this post, on Valentine’s weekend 2021, i want to remember trees for some of their emotional and visceral…

It’s been a pleasure doing this series, “Biosphere Earth”, and thinking from a biospheric perspective.

From a Biospheric Perspective

One way of talking about this 20-part series is that it’s a response to the greatest crisis in the last 65 million years — the collapse of Biosphere Earth.

Now you may be thinking “I’ve already heard of climate change,” or “Is this in addition to climate change?”

This is not the same as climate change. It’s a bigger problem with a brighter solution. …

First of all — it’s the right goal.

It should be the first goal of human society to have as robust a life-support system on Earth as it possibly can.

Then, perhaps, supplying all of humanity with shelter, healthy food and clean water on a daily basis will become achievable and reliable, the climate un-changed, and Life saved. Once all of that is locked down, we can talk about economic growth and sustaining large, capital gains.

Most modern humans always thought our life-support system was guaranteed, if we thought about it at all. That’s changing. …

I should say: it stands to reason that rebuilding bio-physical functionality, by rebuilding Biosphere Earth (our life-support system) can only help us restore and retain bio / climate health and security.

This blog is a continuation of the previous blog, “Local Priorities.”

Restoring Wilderness (Restoring bio-physical security)

We’re just scratching the surface in terms of what’s possible for rebuilding climate and biospheric security on Earth. This particular piece is very general, but: in addition to prioritizing vital organ ecosystems, we should be integrating wild vegetation into the places we live, work and travel as fast as we possibly can today.

You can play many roles.

Here’s a brief sequence showing how restoring and reconnecting wilderness integrity looks from local to macro spaces. (The previous blog showed micro to local spaces.)

Bringing back Biosphere Earth —

OK, so, local strategy #1 is global strategy #1: Act Globally. In other words, the number one thing you can do locally is help globally; help best practice organizations working on resolving our most urgent global priorities.

Then #2, Go vegan.

Then #3, Act Locally — do things where you live and work that rebuild and reconnect green infrastructure; natural wilderness ecosystems. This blog provides a quick vision for that: Acting Locally to rescue and restore Biosphere Earth.


Once one considers the history and architecture of the human life-support system it’s easy to see Earth not as some planet in…

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