If we maximize Biosphere Earth’s wellbeing on land today, we should be well out of the climate crisis within 10 to 30 years.

How much carbon can our life-support system consume? And, can it consume it fast enough to avert catastrophic climate change?

The answers are: “more than enough,” and “yes.” Here is a two-slide synopsis of this week’s science:

So far this series has covered the history of Life and our Life-support system’s architecture. This post talks about what other Life does for us.

Guess what keeps us alive, is smarter than any computer, and is the thing that made humanity biologically possible in the first place? …

A “stack” is what software engineers call the layers of interacting technologies (they build) to make your phone work. “The biosphere” is Earth’s composition of life and living ecosystems.

Biosphere Earth. How do the clothes you’re wearing right now relate to “the biosphere”? The Oxford English Dictionary defines the biosphere…

Read this week’s BioIntegrity brief: “The Simple Math.”

“The biosphere” is the composition of Earth’s life and living ecosystems. “The biosphere” is our life-support system. Recent research reveals protecting and regrowing Earth’s life and living ecosystems has more than enough capacity to stop and reverse climate change this decade.

Read a blog showing the math here.

Read a brief summarizing what this means for the climate here.


I made a pretty big miscalculation in the original posting of this piece, it is now corrected here and in the links. Please contact me anytime with questions.

We could go “net zero” very soon if we max out doing the best we can for our planetary life-support system. This piece synopsizes some of that math.

This article is an explainer for the updated math in my piece The Value of Biosphere Earth, pt. 7: Carbon.

CO2 =…

Vegetation Controls Climate, pt. 2

All One. One essential of Earth-literacy is understanding that the global atmosphere is all connected.[i] “The atmosphere bathes the Earth.”[ii] It surrounds the Earth and unlike land and freshwater ecosystems, Earth’s atmosphere is planetarily contiguous. We live inside of the atmosphere’s bubble.

Climate System Infrastructure. A second essential of Earth-literacy…

Chris Searles/BioIntegrity

Chris Searles is founder/director of BioIntegrity (biointegrity.net) and cofounder/exec. editor of AllCreation.org (allcreation.org).

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