Advancing into a Healthy Society

Restoring human “Kinship” and building on that for a brighter future.

Too much violence. Too many alienated, hurt, dangerous people. I’m sure you agree. But, today is the day, whenever you read this, to talk about how we humans are happiest when we’re rooted in nurturing communities and mindsets.

How do we heal everyone in the world?

How do we make the world safer for us and our kids?

The meme above resonates with me so strongly, in light of all the violence today. We’re reminded that after achieving basic safety and security, being recognized and known by a nurturing community and putting all of that to good use is all any of us basically wants outta life. Identity. Community. Place. Loved ones... I recommend exploring this brand new book, Restoring the Kinship Worldview.

Its editors, Wahinkpe Topa (Four Arrows) and Darcia Narvaez, PhD., present 28 social organization precepts from modern and historical Indigenous wisdom, such as: “Emphasize generosity and the greater good instead of selfish goals for personal gain,” and “Consider the laws of nature as the highest rules for how to live.”

In light of the shootings and everything else going on today, perhaps we make the world safer by remembering that we are each in search of self-value, every day, and that that is probably always best-conferred by a nurturing community. We can be that community for each other and our kids. The life-support system teaches that. Let’s build that world.

Thanks for reading, part 2 tomorrow.

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Chris Searles is founder/director of BioIntegrity ( and cofounder/exec. editor of (

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