Biosphere Earth — Series Synopsis

Chris Searles/BioIntegrity
3 min readDec 18, 2020


It’s been a pleasure doing this series, “Biosphere Earth”, and thinking from a biospheric perspective.

From a Biospheric Perspective

One way of talking about this 20-part series is that it’s a response to the greatest crisis in the last 65 million years — the collapse of Biosphere Earth.

Now you may be thinking “I’ve already heard of climate change,” or “Is this in addition to climate change?”

This is not the same as climate change. It’s a bigger problem with a brighter solution. And, scientifically-speaking — Saving our life support system, which is made up of all the plants, insects, animals and microbes on Earth, is the most important and effective solution to climate change.

So what are we talking about?

Saving the only planetary life support system in the known universe. The only place complex life forms can ever live, walk or swim freely outdoors, feel the sun on their skin, the cool of a breeze, or smell a neighbor’s cookout.

Biosphere Earth, the human life support system.

Another way of talking about this series is to say that biospheric values lead one to prioritize reconstruction of lost tropical ecosystems, permanent protection of vital organ wildernesses, and revegetation and rewilding of the global ecosystem, and that these values benefit everything by reducing stress on all human struggles and crises now and in the future.

Furthermore, scientifically-speaking, seeing Earth as the wilderness planet that it is, with +4 billion years of biological development, and focusing on vital organ ecosystem productivity as the guide for rapid social and economic transformation, could easily deliver immediate carbon emission reductions in the range of 50% over today’s emissions, and continue at that rate of reduction for decades, as we rebuild and fortify our planetary life support system against climate change.

I’m just sayin.

And, bio-physics…Materially-speaking—there is no greater climate solution than the biospheric productivity protection/restoration/stewardship path. This is the only way to restore and keep key bio-physical climate services, i.e. atmospheric moisture circulation and land-based moisture storage / hydrological security, particularly in the Tropics. The biospheric productivity path requires restoration of “green infrastructure” or biological hardware; wildernesses. Wilderness ecosystems dominate how moisture is distributed over our lands (forests, soils, vegetations: wildernesses). On land, where most of us live.

And, further furthermore, “regrowing the climate” by regrowing our biosphere is imminently feasible — after all, what resource is more reliable than Life. We must seize this recognition. Doing so only enhances resilience of the biospheric system we depend on, reverses its collapse, dampens the intensity of everything going wrong today (i mean that), and slows the speed of climate change intensification.

Could biospheric restoration reverse climate change?

Maybe. We need that science. Logic says yes, this is the only way to reverse climate change.

And, what about the miracle of existence, consider that for a second. How about this “life in the biosphere” thing we’re doing. Our reality is based on a bio-physical, biological, cyclical, pyramidic paradigm of relationships among organisms. We are biologically-entangled inside a planetary-scale biological matrix, and how well we care for that matrix, the cycle of cycles, determines whether or not we live.

For some reason, the Western European mindset forgot all of that.

And so now we have to move, fast — fast, fast, fast, to regrow the biosphere and save ourselves, seeing Earth as the wilderness planet that it is, with +4 billion years of biological development, focusing on its vital organ ecosystem productivity as the guide for our global transformation...

Investing in the system that built itself, Biosphere Earth, our life platform. The only life platform. The biggest return on investment.

Thanks for reading. One last thought. The Biospheric Perspective demands that we empower diversity itself, particularly that of indigenous peoples. Bio-diversity is reality.

I look forward to continuing and growing this series. Here is the complete table of contents. Check out more of my work at



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