Brilliant & Uplifting, but… “Kiss The Ground” (my review)

YES WATCH THIS. Kiss the Ground, free on Netflix.

But, i do have a few significant critiques —

Three “eco” critiques:

I) U.S.A.?

The film’s narrative is built on the idea that “the US” and “the world” can solve the climate problem, implying the U.S. is priority 1. Our biosphere isn’t organized that way, though. The global biosphere, our life support system, prioritizes the Tropics, which are currently in crisis. Yes, primarily because of de-generative ranching and farming. Transformation of Industrial Food Production in the Tropics is a more urgent priority — from the coastlines to the mountain forests than in the U.S., literally. Yes, Regenerative Food Production and Bio Waste reuse — everywhere on Earth — is a requirement for the world yesterday, but the Tropics take precedent, especially now as global population expands there fastest. Americans can best lead by helping stop the expansion of Degenerative food production in the Tropics. That means supporting nonprofit and community organizations there, i.e. protecting acres, empowering indigenous peoples, converting food producers to regenerative asset creators, converting the human waste system to a biospherically regenerative system, restoring ecosystems and stopping further deforestation & pesticide use THERE, in the Tropics. Second to all of those things, we should make the same demands of Development in the Tropics, where the last and most productive wildernesses are located. I get that their primary audience is American, but…

b) Over-simplification

The silver bullet-ness of the film’s thesis is disappointing. There are no silver bullets in fixing climate change, social fragmentation, and biospheric collapse. We need to embrace that. We need to champion the diversified portfolio of values, practices, and investments required to solve today’s global challenges. I recognize that hyberbole is motivating, but we need to “ground” our priorities and actions in what’s best for our biosphere, not the movie.

c) Paul Hawken

An extremely brilliant and inspiring man, one of my personal heroes, but his claim that CO2 emissions drawdown will single-handedly “reverse global warming” is totally-misleading. Of all good people Hawken has to know global cooling, if it’s possible in the short term, can only occur with globally-strategic vegetation restoration on land and in water. And the more vegetation the better, as plant surface area and chemical exchanges with the atmosphere are fundamental to micro/regional/macro- climate conditions. Paul is a great man, but he seems to be leading by suggesting Carbon pollution is the only significant climate change factor. We need Paul to also chamption the science on moisture circulation, e.g. Trees, forests, and water and Impacts of local forestation and deforestation on temperature across the globe.

Anyway, i hate to sound like sour grapes.

But these are critical points, i think, in actualizing the solutions we need most today. I loved this doco and implore every person alive to make their food life as Regenerative as they possibly can, and keep improving. Thank you, Kiss the Ground.


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