COP28… It’ll Never Be Too Late,

Chris Searles/BioIntegrity
4 min readNov 26, 2023


But we need More Living Things, not more Electric Things, first.

Just read this pithy, well-referenced and informative article (screenshot below):

We’re in trouble. Duh, right? But here’s what i think: Global leaders are leaning into investing evermore in the industrial / empirical / tyrannical profit-centric institutions that got us to today, both good and bad. Other than perhaps Charles, they’re not looking at planetary reality first and foremost.

I get that “Methane, Decarbonization, Carbon Capture, Fossil Fuel Phase-out” are high priorities in the climate change mitigation effort. But they’re not first priorities. (and there are SO many other equally urgent crises)

“Methane, Decarbonization, Carbon Capture, Fossil Fuel Phase-out” are just not areas that can change quickly when Oligarchical Economics is in charge and still deeply dependent on (this is my list):

This is not who modern people are. We’re diverse and multi-cultural now. We’re smarter than ever. We want to be happy. It’s likely these COP28 leaders and their cohorts will be talking about how to continue making money the old fashioned ways (listed above), first, while allowing in whatever they can of the latest Industrial “Eco” and “Green” solutions. Investments they can control and monitor.

Meanwhile everyone of us — and all the rest of the life on this planet, actually needs solutions today at scale. Today’s national leaders obviously have their minds on themselves, their reputations, their empires, their 401ks…

They SHOULD be talking Life-support system.

They should be talking about the incredible value and capacity of Earth’s Life-support System to solve the climate crisis, and related existential crises, through protecting and regrowing:

1) Landscape-, 2) Biodiversity-, and 3) Ecosystem- Integrity, worldwide.


4) Biospheric Innovationreducing net negative environmental impacts for global economic growth, not more Industry consuming and polluting the environment to save the environment, which is unfortunately where the current Tech portfolios all end up. We need more Living Things to manage climate change, not more Electric Things…


5) Biospheric Re-Integration / Re-growth — of Earth’s living, self-managed wilderness infrastructures, from the Oceans to the Mountains…

…if they’re serious about reducing and reversing greenhouse emissions and climate change impacts in meaningful ways at global scale.

…If they’re serious about reducing and reversing climate change in meaningful ways at global scale.

The greater Civilization’s globally-strategic biospheric integrity-protection and restoration investments, TODAY, the greater Civilization’s ability to evolve out of the multiple malaise-overwhelm issues of today and tomorrow and the roots thereof,


Purely materialist economics as security, self-value, and success;


Patriarchal institutionalism;


Poverty & Cost-of-living overwhelm,


the Commodification of everything as a solution…?,


the greater Civilization’s ability to evolve into something that rejoices-in and dreams-of bettering the future through environmental care and relationship.

Current profit-centric solutions are not getting us there. There are too many me firsts.

We need a better understanding of what the Earth is, who we are in relationship to Earth’s other life and its life-support system, and the infrastructure itself from which we come and return, physically.

We need a new idea of what profit and success really mean. If i’m a billionaire, what do i care most about? My face or my planet.

It is time to question today’s “reality” of materialism as identity and recognize Biosphere Earth as what it is for us, regardless of our religions or politics or birth place — “Infinite places in one perfect paradise,” and heal the wounds and outdated mis-conceptions each of us carry (a lifelong endeavor), connect to the miracle of existence and value that first — unite around our potential together as living members of this planet.

We live here or nowhere.

We thrive here, if we choose to know what makes our life-support system most robust: wilderness, biodiversity, moisture retaining soils, clean / undisturbed / connected habitats, big trees… biospheric richness restored.

Engaging in that climate solution is all-inclusive.


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