Discussion 8: What’s More Powerful than Technology?

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When it comes to reducing emissions, slowing the rate of global warming, and protecting our temperate climate system, tropical forest conservation blows technology AWAY. While it is clearly of paramount importance to continue rapid expansion of renewable and other green technologies, our most cost effective solution for reducing greenhouse emissions and the rate of global warming is to protect and restore Earth’s most concentrated life support systems: tropical forests.

3 minute YouTube synopsis here:

These biological super systems keep ‘hundreds more tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere per dollar invested than any known technology and are orders of magnitude more systemically beneficial.

While clean tech provides one awesome environmental benefit (emissions reduction) and several constructive social benefits (power, jobs, profits), protecting and strengthening the biological integrity of tropical forests generates a bigger and more significant range of environmental and social returns, including:

  1. Radical reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Large-scale extinction prevention
  3. Safeguarding of half of the Earth’s biodiversity and biodiversity productivity
  4. Continuation of a temperate planetary temperature
  5. Continuation and capacity increase of Earth’s second greatest heat sink
  6. Continuation and capacity increase of Earth’s global precipitation cycler
  7. Continuation and capacity increase of our most concentrated life support system, which produces about 1/4 of our oxygen, freshwater and food among other things
  8. Continuation and stabilization of global trade wind patterns
  9. Continuation and capacity increase of tropical forests’ ability to physically breakdown storm systems before they leave the tropics and cause damages in the United States or elsewhere
  10. Continuation and productivity increase of Earth’s greatest store of natural medicines, including known cures for cancer, diabetes, and emotional disorders, among many others
  11. Continuation and securitization of a foundational pillar of the global food economy
  12. Socially-just empowerment of the world’s greatest concentration of indigenous communities, also known as the world’s greatest environmental stewards.

All of this from the same investment. Earth’s #1 nature-based solution. Protecting and restoring Tropical Forests is not “a” solution to the climate crisis, it’s the most powerful, multi-faceted, systemic solution; a far less expensive / more effective way to reduce global emissions, slow the rate of global warming, and protect the overall state of the environment.



Your comments and questions appreciated.

See citations: white paper on Google docs.

See this week’s recommended $5 forest solution: biointegrity.net/donate.

I’m Chris Searles, founder of BioIntegrity.

Thanks for reading, biointegrity.net.

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