Every day is Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

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Indigenous Peoples’ Day” 2020 was Monday, Oct. 12.

Here’s something beautiful to consider, “The universe is the circle of circles.” That simple statement is one summation of Indigenous spirituality. Modern science confirms it. Biosphere Earth, the life-support system of our planet, is made up of “a circle of circles”; life cycles within life cycles.

Last Monday was the official commemoration of Indigenous Peoples’ struggles against Western European Colonization, a topic which is damming and emotionally overwhelming.

But even in the United States, which gives its Indigenous population virtually no quarter today, 16 states, 130 cities, and Washington, D.C., all celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ Day this year instead of “Columbus Day.”

That matters a whole lot. Indigenous People living on their native landsharbor up to 80% of global biodiversity, store 30+ years of global greenhouse emissions in their soils and forests, and offer significant potential for atmospheric carbon sequestration via continuation of their traditional economies. Indigenous Peoples also steward ocean ecosystems. They are the actual and only true stewards of our planetary life-support system. Their future is essential to everyone’s future.

And, Moisture cycles. If you’ve been following my posts from time to time you know that land-based wildernesses are the thermostat and lymphatic systems of our planet; better left intact.

Their Needs. I am not. in. any. way. an expert on Indigenous Peoples, their rights, needs, concerns, cultures, or histories. But i taught a class about Biosphere Earth’s integrity on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, last week — thank you, Dr. Anne-Marie Thomas and students, and shared my list of Indigenous Peoples’ concerns as i understand them:

  • They’re still fighting just to survive — all over the world. It’s 2020. Who is protecting Indigenous Peoples?
  • Best Stewards — of the only planetary life-support system in the known universe.
  • Rights & Reparations — We must use the best of what we have today to empower, restore, heal, and rebalance from the destructions that have taken place since Colonization.
  • Wisdoms & Cultures — The fastest way to become a better person is to learn about another culture. How can we make the future as good as possible for as many as possible? That’s the question that matters most. What can we learn from Indigenous peoples; the world’s only sustainable peoples.
  • Medicines & Resources — Indigenous Peoples all over the world have medicinal cures and therapies for just about everything; from PMS and depression, to cuts and wounds, even some cancers. These biospherically-produced medicines are typically far less dangerous on/in the human body and have had much longer “testing phases” than the pharma of today. Their growth also helps our planet thrive. As of 2016, less than 10% of plant and animal life / traditional medicinals in tropical forests had been assessed by Western Medicine.
  • Identity, Community, Opportunity — Who is looking out for Indigenous Peoples?
  • Development — The most effective form of Indigenous empowerment is “community-based” development. Simply-put, Native leaders and community are included in ownership of their ancestral lands, in perpetuity, and are empowered to choose and control how technologies and other modernizations are allowed into their world.

What Are We Learning?

Life is Relationships. Indigenous Peoples’ Are Teaching Us, reminding us,that we depend on other living things for our daily continuation. Like, 100% of the time, y’all. This is one of the “circle of circles.” Furthermore, our existence emerged from and is defined by the complex-life ecosystem surrounding us. Life is Relationships.

We Should All Know More. There is so much more to know, grow from, and respond to. I’m embarrassed and feel nearly disrespectful that i don’t do enough for the Indigenous cause everyday. Let’s all endeavor to change that dynamic for ourselves and for all the children of the world now and forever.


Help Out Now.

Here are a few .orgs i recommend supporting. Please share your recommendations.





Thanks for reading.

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