Grateful for my Facebook Group this week

We’re seeing the integrated-ness and re-prioritization of the global climate solution in the member posts on my Fb group, The Systemic Climate Solution: new ways of thinking, new ways of living, new priorities for action. Five posts this week really spoke to me.

Ryan Park’s two posts:
#1. An urgent and easy to sign petition
to protect indigenous forest guardians in Brazil
+1,800 signatures so far, from Survival International
i signed:

#2. Ryan’s post on the Sentinelese people —
“the world’s most isolated, un-contacted tribe.”
To anyone reading: Note how clean the environment looks in the coastline Ryan’s post — and the statement “they’re much healthier than neighboring tribes who were forcibly contacted decades ago.

Our first common priority for protecting our climate, biodiversity and biosphere is continuation of the world’s uncontacted peoples, they are literally guarding the world’s most productive ecosystems. After uncontacted people, Indigenous Rights, writ large, then Regrowth of the global wilderness continuum and us uncovering our own “Indigeneity” — the identification of our bio/physical/ancestral connection to this planet, these 1,2,3,4 priorities are most important for Life and its future now. They save the most carbon, biodiversity, climate, and climate stability, and they trigger internal paradigm shifts that cause one to demand society become regenerative immediately; sane.

More on the importance of un-contacted peoples and indigenous forest guardians to the climate solution, in this lunch & learn video. More on Indigeneity soon.

#3. Stephen Prée posted this week’s TERRIBLE NEWS “leaked news” from the UN that climate change is far more dangerous than the public and political discussions have yet reckoned. Why am i grateful for this? I think anyone following the current weather events, whichare moving faster in a devastating direction than most of the climate science predicted in the last report, is well aware of the urgent need for paradigm change now, societally. Bad news has to make The News for people to start talking, gaming-up, envisioning right solutions, and changing in line, so i am more than glad to see this report in the public domain. I look forward to bigger commitments to right solutions from big entities of all kinds.

On a related note — this week, i take on the bad news. That blog coming later this afternoon.

For everything i posted last week about THE REALLY GOOD NEWS on international policy, leadership and culture change front (thank you, Joe Biden) it is abundantly obvious Earthlings have entered an era of rapid environmental descent and we now need to think longer-term about how we respond and regrow stability for ourselves and our loved ones. The context has changed. It is time to rescue and restore balance, not just go electric.

#4. Stephen also posted on the letter writing campaign to stop DAPL line #3. I missed the event, but this ties to the roots of why Ryan’s posts are SO IMPORTANT to us all. Get involved.

And, finally:

#5. A new way of thinking about fitness and fulfilled-ness. Leonard Contier shared a video on EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED TO UNCOVER and awaken to — that yard work, ecosystem restoration, and growing food are not just good for your planet, they make you FEEL GOOD, look good. Get in there and grow stuff, people! I’m involved at a project in Austin, called The GIFT, it’s a weekly ritual i rely on now for recharge.

I really hope Boomers, Xers, Millenials and Z’s catch on to this idea of getting fit by doing the “labor that is gonna bring you health & vitality.” Great video. Thanks again, Leonard. Think long term, y’all. Protect. Regrow. Transform. #FuturePositive

The more i meditate on the theme of our times now, it’s Relationship — specifically that the solutions to today’s heavy challenges and social inertias is personal evolution through having a greater relationship with the Earth, the self, and others.

Lots to say about that and the upside. I’m working on a podcast exploring this which we plan to launch in August. My friends Mary DeJong and Matt Syrdal talk about the upsides of awakening to relationship with your own identity, that of others, and the Earth extensively in some recent interviews i did with them for Listen to Mary. Listen to Matt.

Vance Blackfox and Louis Tillman talk about life as Indigenous and Black Americans and how relationship between their communities and White privelege America, is driving the continuation of so many racist atrocities today. Listen to Vance. Listen to Louis.

More on all the above soon, too. The interviews have been GREAT. Hope you’ll listen. Thanks again to my Fb group, The Systemic Climate Solution!



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