Hi Dan, thanks for this great article. I fear the climate community is unaware of the impacts of biodiversity loss today. Biodiversity loss is essentially what we’re trying to prevent by fighting climate change. Earth’s biodiversity and living systems conspire to absorb solar heat, store and circulate freshwater, sequester and store CO2, make our food and oxygen — there are no replacements for these services. According to WWF 58% of Earth’s wildlife has been destroyed by humanity’s rapid expansion since 1970; according to most conservation biologists +100 species go extinct everyday, today, due to habitat loss and overconsumption (not climate change, not yet).

Here is my recounting of “deadly sins” Feb — Sep. 2016, including both climate and biodiversity concerns, plus a few key headlines re:the severity of today’s biodiversity loss crisis. Please consider. http://www.allcreation.org/home/2016-crisis. Look fwd to following your blogs here on Medium. Thanks again,
— Chris Searles, founder, http://BioIntegrity.net

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