Moisture & Vegetation

Graphic modified by me, from D. Lawrence (2014).
(Chris Searles, 2021)
Stomata are the tiny pores (think mouths) on leaves that open and close during photosynthesis. (Shutterstock)

“The Leaves Are Tiny Pumps”

Prof. Deborah Lawrence, from our recent interview. Click to play.

Tree cover stabilizes climate. As a people, we need to protect large, large patches of forest… The atmosphere is all connected. Forests move a lot of moisture through their leaves. That sets up a bunch of dynamics in the atmosphere that come out of the Tropics and ultimately have ripple effects across the globe... Our planet depends on leaving these forests alone. I feel it is simple, hard, and utterly important... The Earth is sustaining us and we need to remember that everyday.

Summing Up

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