Our Hearts are Antennae?

Chris Searles/BioIntegrity
3 min readJun 6, 2022

Yes, apparently. Check the data.

Advancing Into a Healthy Society.

As mentioned yesterday, in the wake of the shootings I’ve been thinking about how to heal every alienated person on Earth and some of the things all of us share, which could advance Civilization into a healthier/safer future.

For instance:

The Human Heart is an Antenna, it seems, and our emotional wellbeing comes before our cognition, according to the data.

The HeartMath Institute, which has published +400 peer-reviewed studies on heart rate variability’s impact on human physiology and cognition, has found that our hearts emit about 100X more electromagnetic energy than our brains, create an electro-magnetic field of about 3-feet around our bodies, send more signals to the nervous system than our brains, and, that our hearts send signals to the brain first, then the brain tries translate what the heart is experiencing, not the other way around.

Yep, Feelings Come First.

In other words: Our emotional states largely determine our physiology, and our physiology and emotions are the context within which our brains are thinking. Negative emotional states lead to poor decision-making ability (such as a mass shooting). Positive emotional states lead to clarity: better cognition, coherence, performance, and decision making…

HMI studies also show that people holding hands or being open to each other’s feelings who are in close proximity of each other can intermingle their fields/feelings and synchronize emotional states without speaking. Stated plainly, yes we do communicate nonverbally, through our heart antenna. So far all of the women I’ve spoken with about this research say, “duh.”

Our emotional fields also communicate with animals and trees, and presumably other forms of life. Re: trees, with whom we share 50% of our DNA, here’s a fascinating sidenote: “Trees have complex and different overall electrical voltage patterns, as if each has its own personality” and trees are “field-sharing” to synchronize as forests / whole societies / organisms. (Wonder where we learned it from?)

Most importantly, though, relative to the uptick in alienation that seems to be making the world less safe today, the HMI’s work shows we can cultivate social coherence. It’s contagious. We are connected by the magnetic fields of our feelings. HMI’s research further shows we can cultivate personal, optimal, physical and intellectual health by centering on our hearts. Check out this real-time demo on two Google employees.

We Are Each Heart-based Humans.

When I think of that young man in Uvalde, i just think of someone so isolated and marinated in negative self-image. How do we reverse that, in all of the towns?

I deeply believe we need to look outward into “the biosphere”, the ecosystems of our planet, to understand truth and Who and What we are, as well as to see the obvious way forward and light at the end of the tunnel, re: our current global Civilized-world challenges.

HMI’s work and Indigenous and sacred wisdoms a-plenty tell us we can each disconnect from the self-alienating, neurotic voices of shame that echo in our minds between our words — and are triggered in myriad ways by the commercials and video games and entertainment media and news media and people and family members and old beliefs and relationships and friends and social media and profiling algos, etc., by identifying, observing and reconnecting to some of the MIRACULOUS … BEAUTY … in plain sight.

All Bodies are Beautiful.

These bodies of ours, for instance, these things are miracles. No one knows how or why they come into existence, grow themselves, know how to reproduce, and so on. But even as physically-miraculous beings, the reality seems to be that each of us is a fragile individual seeking security, care, recognition as an important individual, compassion, purpose, nurturing community, loved ones,,, food, water, shelter, peace...

We can build a better society based on our bio-physical truths and commonalities. Let’s do that. Let’s build that future. Let’s advance by becoming more conscious of our biospheric reality. We all basically are, and want, the same things.

Thanks for reading, part 3 tomorrow.

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