Reduce CO2 49%…By protecting & restoring vital organ ecosystems… Shouldn’t this be priority 1?

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Map from “Global priorities for ecosystem restoration” (2020)

Reduce CO2 emissions 49%
By protecting & restoring vital organ ecosystems
Shouldn’t this be priority 1?

I Am Thrilled…

I have huge news to share.

Years ago when i started biointegrity it was focused on Tropical Forests. The science shows that their standing value is a greater climate & species protection solution than anything current technology could ever dream of.

It was clear to me then that restoration of missing Tropical Forests and tropical ecosystems would be equally as significant to reversing climate change & biodiversity loss.

We finally have a study verifying that —

Global priorities for ecosystem restoration” was published mid-October 2020 and essentially shows that the most cost-efficient, climate-effective, species-beneficial thing human beings on Earth can do today is protect & restore the tropical forest system; half of which is missing relative to 1800. (See map bottom of this post.)

Priority Ecosystems = Most Carbon & Bio-Rich. The title image above shows globally-strategic priorities for ecosystem restoration, taken directly from the study. The study’s analysis concludes that “Combining the retention of remaining natural ecosystems with the restoration of 30% of converted lands in priority areas would mitigate ~71% of current extinction debt [severly-endangered species] while sequestering ~463 gigatonnes of CO2.”

463 gigatonnes CO2 is HUUUGE… ENORMOUS. I don’t really know how to explain this big-ness. The world’s CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and industry are only about 36 gigatonnes a year. So one way of looking at 463 is this: Protecting and restoring the most carbon and bio-rich ecosystems on Earth today, which also happen to be the core of our planetary life-support system, has the potential to absorb 100% of fossil & industry CO2 emissions for the next 12 years.

Instant “zero carbon”.

But, going further in this good news — We can combine the climate & biodiversity science from the “Global Priorities” study with ecosystem & atmospheric science not covered in that study, which clearly shows there are even greater climate system benefits to protecting & strengthening Earth’s most productive ecosystems.

Co-Benefits. In addition to the insanely-large carbon sequestration potential, these same protections & restorations would:

  1. Re-establish hydrologic and natural irrigation systems where they are most needed for global food production, biodiversity continuation, and climate stability, and benefit hydro-system balance all over the world.

So, shouldn’t this be priority 1?

Yes, if reducing CO2 emissions rapidly, stopping extinctions and wildlife loss, reversing biospheric collapse, and restoring balance to the global atmospheric moisture system are things you care about? — Yes.

Let me know of questions.

Visit to support the most affordable action on Tropical Forests.


Here’s more maps:

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NASA Earth Observatory (2007)
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Maps from “The Systemic Climate Solutio” (2016) and NASA Earth Observatory (2020)
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SERC Earth Labs (2014)
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Global priorities for ecosystem restoration” (2020)

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