“Shmita consciousness” on Biosphere Earth

Land-based Moisture Circulation graphic by me.

Biosphere, first.

The Biospheric Climate Solution

  • Stewardship economics
    “Conservation 3.0” — Empowerment of Indigenous leadership and land rights, Protection of forever ecosystems, public education on biospheric integrity.
  • Regenerative economics
    “Agriculture and everything after” — the transformation of today’s extractive and destructive industries into industries that grow more life than they take.
  • Circular economics
    Conversion of all biological wastes and manufactured materials into resources for ecosystem protection and biospheric optimization; this includes the materials in clean tech.
  • Biospheric innovation
    Technologies that reverse destruction of the biosphere; everything from simple techniques to satellite monitoring to stimulating moisture recycling to advanced probes to mine landfills for circular manufacturing resources, to AI that can find and remove microplastics and toxic materials from the environment, to chemistry that can convert old manufactured wastes into new resources, and so on. Tech’s primary role should be to protect and secure Biosphere Earth’s integrity, in perpetuity.
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And, what is “Shmita” consciousness?

Shmita Live

  • Anavah: Humility
  • Chesed: Loving Kindness
  • Kavod: Honor

And, how can You make a difference…

  • Donate to BioIntegrity. Support our work. We’re taking on the world.
  • Help Protect Tropical Forests. Our partner Rainforest Trust is raising funds to protect our closest genetic relative, the Bonobo, in its most endangered habitat: The Congo. These forests also happen to be some of the most cooling, irrigating, carbon dense, and carbon-absorbing on Earth. You will not find a more fiscally effective biospheric climate solution than supporting this project at just $7.20 an acre with donation match. Learn more here. Make a donation here.
  • Help our friend Harrison. This young man emails us nearly everyday from Kenya, asking for support of his permaculture project — in a time of historic drought. A few dollars donated here will go a long way. We featured him in last week’s email, more info there. Harrison Aron and his partner Nicholas need your help to protect their community farm. Make a donation.
  • Check out this documentary. Breaking Boundaries is a Netflix movie featuring the world’s most prominent global ecologist (in lush scenery around the planet) on how to avoid biodiversity and biospheric collapse this decade. Learn about how to transform the economy in keeping with Biosphere Earth’s “planetary boundaries”. 1 hour.
  • Check out these books. Web of Meaning, exploring how we’ve defined reality outside of biospheric reality. Breaking Boundaries, defining primary reality and best next steps on Biosphere Earth. This is what the doco above is based on. Custer Died for Your Sins, a breakthrough history on the Native American land steals. There, There, a breakthrough novel on modern, Native American life. The Overstory, Pulitzer-prize winning novel on emotional/spiritual connections to trees. Bewilderment, award winning novel about an astrobiologist and his son reckoning with Biosphere Earth’s ultimate primacy in our lives. The Writer’s Journey, the “how to” for screenwriters, reveals much about our cultural / psychological relationship with masculinity, drama and heroism. Braiding Sweetgrass, the best book on Earth for rekindling your sense of relationship with, and reverence for, other life.




Chris Searles is founder/director of BioIntegrity (biointegrity.net) and cofounder/exec. editor of AllCreation.org (allcreation.org).

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Chris Searles/BioIntegrity

Chris Searles/BioIntegrity

Chris Searles is founder/director of BioIntegrity (biointegrity.net) and cofounder/exec. editor of AllCreation.org (allcreation.org).

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