The Coexistence Doctrine, pt. 2

Video Collection on “How the Native American Thinks”

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Here is part two of yesterdays’ post, a collection of videos, re: The Coexistence Doctrine of Native Americans. There is a lot to be gained from spending time with these five, brief videos.


I. How Indians Think & the Essence of Thanksgiving (Iroquois)
‘Probably the most important part is that some people or somebody realized that everything outside would thrive and survive without them, but they could not exist without it.’ 5:43 on YouTube

II. The Universe = the Circle of Circles (Navajo)
An intelligent conversation exploring why Native American wisdom is so relevant to today’s scientific and technological, global world. Everything is interconnected. ‘One of the goals we try and attain in life is being one with the universe, being at peace with each other and all the animals.’ 36:11 on YouTube.

III. This Is What I Want for My People (Lakota)
Elders speak in their native tongue. Every moment, every breath is precious. “So peaceful are these people that i swear there is not in the world a better nation. They love their neighbors as themselves.” — Christopher Colombus 1:17:22 on YouTube

IV. The Water is Sacred. The Air is Sacred. (Hopi)
We have a common destiny with the tree. You should learn how to plant something. You should treat all things as spirit. We are all from the Earth. And when the Earth, the water, the atmosphere is corrupted, then it’ll create its own reaction. Realize we are all one family. 6:36 on YouTube

V. One Must Be Responsible Because All of Creation Is Related. (Lakota)
Recommendation: be patient with graphic quality. At the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and this center is really everywhere and within each of us. That is the nature of inspired coexistence. Connection among spirituality, ethics, and their world view of coexistence, which is becoming more and more common today. Heaven is spirituality. Earth is physicality. 7:33 on YouTube


Post Note: How does this apply to today? I think probably the most important takeaway from these presentations is to acknowledge not only the wisdom herein, but that our present is predicated on violence and destruction. Our future must be built on egalitarian collaboration, restoration, and regeneration. See the original version of this post on

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