The Value of Biosphere Earth, pt. 5: Vegetation Controls Climate

Some of the climate stabilization generated by ecosystems.
From a podcast interview with Dr. Lawrence, listen here.
  • Greenhouse gas absorption
  • Greenhouse gas storage
  • Biodiversity rescue
  • Food system protection
  • Ecosystem services protection
  • Heat absorption
  • Hydrological recharge
  • Surface level irrigation
  • Cloud creationPrecipitation stimulation
  • Atmospheric moisture transport and circulation
  • Teleconnections
  • Local to global cooling
  • Climate stabilization
  • Extreme drought prevention and management
  • Extreme temperature buffering and management
  • Flood management
  1. Culture change, knowledge change, Indigenous empowermentwe all live in Biosphere Earth.
  2. Rebuilding wilderness infrastructure: Protect, Regrow, Reconnect, and Integrate natural ecosystems.
  3. Rapidly advancing resource efficiency, biodegradability, and cradle to cradle “circularity” to reduce our dependence on self-destructive economic models, e.g. fossil fuels, electric cars, plastics, and toxics.
  4. Mining landfills instead of ecosystems; sourcing copper and other metals, paper, bio-materials, glass, textiles, etc. for circular manufacturing and ecological restoration.
  5. Rapidly converting our food and waste systems to regenerative systems. Creating new, legacy industries that rebuild and enrich soil quality and thereby natural carbon absorption, drought tolerance, extreme weather resilience, biological productivity, biodiversity, freshwater containment, and other forms of ecosystem health.


There are more than 80 academic articles and studies referenced in the paragaphs above. View all citations here.

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Chris Searles/BioIntegrity

Chris Searles/BioIntegrity

Chris Searles is founder/director of BioIntegrity ( and cofounder/exec. editor of (