The Value of Biosphere Earth, pt. 7: Carbon

Map shown: Global priority areas for ecosystem restoration (2020).

Terminology. “1 GtCO2e” = one Gigaton (one billion metric tons) of Carbon Dioxide emissions and/or Carbon Dioxide equivalents.

Graphic 1: The Glasgow Forests Declaration commits 137 countries to reducing emissions 7.45 GtCO2e, per year, by 2030.
Graphic 2: This 2020 study shows up to 631.8 GtCO2e could be absorbed before end of this century by saving +70% of most threatened species. The total goal is 730 GtCO2e.
Graphic 3: This study emphasizes the power of allowing deforested areas to naturally regrow.
Graphic 4: This study shows up to 29.77 GtCO2e could be reduced by 2030, per year, by making cost effective improvements to the way we produce and eat beef and crops.
Signatory countries for the Glasgow Forests Declaration (2021).
Global Ecosystem Restoration Priorities (2020).
Natural forest regrowth potential (2020).
Irrecoverable carbon (2021).
Areas of global importance for biodiversity, carbon & water (2021)



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