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Chris Searles/BioIntegrity
4 min readSep 5, 2022


Today, Tomorrow, and Forever. Check this out…

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The Biospheric Climate Solution

In light of the extreme drought, extreme flooding and other unusual weather happening all around the world — and our polarizations, fears, and feelings of distrust today, I ask you to consider: The BIOSPHERIC CLIMATE SOLUTION.

“What is that?” It’s reversing destruction of Earth’s ecosystems and other life in the most upward-spiraling ways. This means the most natural ways, usually. Upward-spiraling investments and practices enhance, strengthen and multiply the resources upon which our economy is built, maintained and grown (see graph below). That’s what we want, right? A better future. We should align with biospheric reality.

(my graphic)

Why does “BIOSPHERE” matter? Because we have an extinction crisis on, right now; not just a political, social, environmental crisis, but the potential collapse of Earth’s life-systems is here, driven entirely by our denialist ways. We don’t have resources to replace what comes from the biosphere. So, if we cause a collapse of Biosphere Earth we lose quality of life, economic stability, weather stability, food stability, perhaps even the ability to continue. We depend 100% on Earth’s other life.

Mars is not viable, has no life-systems; synopsis here.

THIS IS GOOD NEWS— Did you know? Protecting and Regrowing Earth’s planetary life-support system integrity is more than enough to stop and reverse climate change. It takes care of global emissions. It fixes global weather. It restores global temperature. It reverses global extinctions. Technology can’t do all of these things. The science is clear: We have to regrow our life-support system, Earth’s wildernesses, biodiversity, and ecosystem integrity now.

And, it’s not hard conceptually. Most of what we need to do is stop funding Economics that thrive on the destruction of Earth’s biospheric resources and start funding things that replace destructive downward-spiral economic practices with regenerative practices, according to biospheric reality. It’s a new direction. Check out these research briefs.

Civilization needs a new North Star.

We’re fighting too much on this tiny planet. People want to be secure, valued, respected, loved, important, responded to, nurtured and cared for, reassured and affirmed, successful, purposeful. Fundamentally, we do just wanna get along. We want to enjoy our lives, each in our own way. That’s why we don’t like people who make us uncomfortable or worse.

Yet we keep building this world where depravity, anger, alienation, and stranger-danger are consistent net results. In my opinion this has been going for at least the last 5,000 years of Materialism. The Oligarchs keep identifying excess material wealth as our only universal measure of success, and designing our institutions accordingly. The result? We’ve got all kinds of money and technology today, but all I see is a humanity ensconced in fear and loathing at a time of planetary life-support system jeopardy.

It is time to re-define Wealth, Beauty, Success, Innovation, Achievement, Security and Advancement — the hallmarks of human progress so far. Our bodies, our investments, our technologies, our schools of thought, our hopes, our loves……. EVERYTHING WE HAVE depends on Biosphere Earth, first. How about rather than trying to beat Nature, we embrace a much more realistic standard:

Is it good or bad for our life-support system?


What other forms of Advancement could be more valuable than, first, fortifying our life-support system?

Seeing the big picture: Biospheric reality is our reality. It’s also our best friend if we’re trying to restore global environmental security and live in a paradigm of life getting better, not worse, in the future. We can literally restore normal weather and advance all people into better culture and better standards of living by first-prioritizing Earth’s biospheric integrity. (Check: The Biospheric Climate Solution.)

The next era of “Innovation” is relational, intelligent, nurturing, eco-systemic, and biospheric before it is technological, commercial, material, industrial. Kinship (Indigenous and Feminine wisdom) and Science (peer-reviewed, quantitative studies) are our best guides. There is an obvious way forward: reversing climate change, biodiversity loss, and economic frailty by strengthening and regrowing Earth’s life-support system; saving the climate by saving other life.


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