I see this as an Opportunity for Advancement

Chris Searles/BioIntegrity
3 min readSep 11, 2022


Here’s “a delicate one” for you…

And we’re only at the beginning of the EV revolution…

Here’s a delicate one for you:

My project, BioIntegrity, is pro-biosphere. We’re not pro-electric car, though. We’re also not pro-fossil fuel.

We are FOR things that forever eliminate and reverse habitat destruction for other life because those habitats form OUR greater life-support systems and planetary-climate security. (Here’s an overview.)

From this perspective —

Electric cars (see image above) are only a pivot towards the RIGHT IDEA of, at minimum, ZERO-NEGATIVE IMPACT Technology; and perhaps at maximum: RE-GENERATIVE IMPACT Technology in all things.

(What could possibly be more important than robust regeneration of our planetary life-systems, Biosphere Earth?)

Unfortunately, electric cars are still bad for life-systems and our climate. (Try this search). Yes zero emissions, but consider the overall life-cycle impacts of extracting more raw materials for Earth’s few remaining wild ecosystems, refining those materials in Earth’s hottest furnaces, putting those materials into the consumer market where they’re generally turned-over and land-filled quickly; the critiques go on from there.

Most importantly to the cause of the climate solution:

“TRANSPORTATION Emissions” is on the lower end of investment priorities from a climate re-stabilization effectiveness perspective. These emissions could easily be negated, even reversed, through transitioning to Regenerative Agricultural practices, and through globally-strategic protection and restoration of Earth’s vital organ ecosystems, as fast as possible.

(Regenerative Ag is WAY better than today’s degenerative Ag.)

Instead — the world focuses on CARS, and, “one day soon:” trucks, ships, planes... — the low ends of the climate solution actualization spectrum, while tipping points in ecosystem loss (ecosystems: things that take millenia to fully form which provide life-support system and climate stabilization services on planet Earth), via: deforestation, coral bleaching, desertification, freshwater pollution, coastal development, moisture circulation shutdown (drought), and other forms of biospherically-managable/reverseable extreme weather — are intensifying.

Cars are more relatable than ecosystems, but we’re not even doing cars right yet (see Gizmodo article for screenshot here) !, because we’re not looking at Earth’s bio/eco-systemic construction and the REALITY that we must reverse recent human destruction of our planet’s bio-eco systems to succeed planetarily in this vast universe.

The Opportunity

Accomplishing THAT ADVANCEMENT — reversing the recent destruction of our planet’s climate and life-stabilization systems, is certainly the most important opportunity, ever, for human technology:

Protecting Biosphere Earth.

EVs have shown us the impossible is possible, technologically-speaking, and like all clean economics efforts so far, EVs are a historically-commendable step out of what was believed to be an unchangeable economic paradigm. But EVs and renewables and clean jobs, etc., are not nearly enough.

The next era of “Technological Innovation” and social progress — in every sphere, is biospherically-relational, intelligent, nurturing, healing, regenerative and collaborative before it is commercial, industrial, impressively high-powered, high-capacity, high-speed, or indispensable.

Image source: https://gizmodo.com/flamingos-chile-atacama-lithium-mining-1849517712


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