Moisture & Vegetation

Graphic modified by me, from D. Lawrence (2014).
(Chris Searles, 2021)
Stomata are the tiny pores (think mouths) on leaves that open and close during photosynthesis. (Shutterstock)

“The Leaves Are Tiny Pumps”

I’m thrilled to share this interview with Prof. Deborah Lawrence, who was the lead author on a breakthrough study showing how Tropical Forests influence the global climate. Dr. Lawrence is a Guggenheim fellow, a Fulbright scholar, professor of environmental science and director of the Environmental Thought and Practice program at University of Virginia, an adviser to the State Department, and much more.

Prof. Deborah Lawrence, from our recent interview. Click to play.

Summing Up

These are some of the reasons the COP26 Forests Declaration is exciting and really matters for achieving a global climate solution this decade. Technology cannot replace the local to global scale climate stabilization services generated by life-rich ecosystems, especially forests.

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